Thursday, February 15, 2007

V Day

Yesterday was good. I know that some Orthodox are not so big into celebrating V day because it is named after a Christian Martyr, but I celebrated last night. I went out with my friend Baker, who has been my friend since 8th grade. He lives within the Orthodox community (he's a ba'al teshuva) and is in law school with me. We went to a swanky part of town that has upscale shops, nice bars, and, as we found last night, delicious restaurants. We ate, played darts, played pool. it was a good time. I really should have been doing work. I have a twenty page paper due tomorrow, and about 10 pages is written, but even those need revision. I really want to take nap. It's been interesting because I am doing my best to be shomer negiah, which changes how V Day really works. It's good that I went with Baker, though, because although he is very huggable, and an extremely good catch, he's solidly a friend.
Additionally, I had mentioned that I am having to wait to talk to the Rabbi until the new Rabbi, Rabbi Dan comes on board. Next shabbos, I am going to eat with Rabbi Dan, I think, which will be good for seeing him out in the community again.

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