Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Slow and steady

I called Rabbi Adan yesterday, again, and was told by his secretary that I should call back in a week. A new assistant Rabbi is coming on board, and he will be taking over the majority of the conversion stuff. I know the new Rabbi, Rabbi Dan, and have eaten at his house once. It's frustrating to have to wait again, but I understand. These things take time. My friend Cala is writing brachas for me to place around my apartment so I can start to memorize them. I have learned to say the alphabet and can count to 10. I want to learn how to read by the end of the month. I already have plans for at least 4 weeks of Shabbos, but I would like to try to eat with Rabbi Dan again. His wife has invited me a few times, but I have always had plans. I am going to stop eating Kosher after V day. I think it seems like I am taking on a lot at once, but honestly, I feel ready to take these things on. The skirts are going to be for 2 weeks, and I will keep the Kosher for a month. This way, if I do feel overwhelmed, I can make sure I make it to my goal and then take a breather. We'll see what happens.

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