Monday, February 19, 2007

I said hey

I try really hard to have every Shabbos be the best one ever, but this weekend, I just didn't have the energy. Last week was really full of work to do, and I pulled an all nighter on Thursday to finish a paper that was due Friday morning. Friday's dinner was full of people who were tired (my friend Edgar and Caleb were there, but Caleb had also pulled an all nighter so he wasn't so talkative, and Edgar seemed to lack energy also). The host, Adara's husband, is in his third year of residency and had gotten 45 minutes of interrupted sleep the night before. After the meal, he and Caleb debated for a while about when it is appropriate to share information. One side: One should share any kernel of knowledge because of knowledge's inherent value. Other side: Unless one is fully informed, they should not try to teach others because they may mislead. I can understand both sides, however, as far as I understand Torah, no one ever fully understands it. There is always more to learn. After dinner, we went to Rabbi Fabio's, and he didn't really give an answer. His wife, though, offered to teach a class at my school, which is good. Saturday I was still really exhausted. That's really what characterizes my Shabbos. Now I am trying to get my resume together, although it's way late, so I can get a job this summer. School is hectic. That's what really characterizes what's going on.

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