Monday, February 12, 2007


Thursday night I went to a bar with Baker and Cala. I had a lot of fun playing darts in my pajama pants. Friday, I wore a skirt. Saturday, I wore a skirt. Sunday, I wore a skirt. Today, I am in a skirt. My goal is to be in a skirt every day for two weeks. I would like to dress completely tznius, but I do not know if I have the will power to cover my elbows and my collar bone. Perhaps it's because of my location, but wearing longer sleeves and high necked shirts will be more difficult for me than wearing skirts, although the skirt part is more noticeable. My friend Caleb welcomed me to the 19th century when I told him. I asked him if he thought I was silly and he said that he thought that I was actually just highly susceptible to authority and the cult mentality. I argued that the authority in my life (My family and Christian Ministers) were against my conversion and that the "cult" I am trying to join does not want me. However, I can see his point. I am susceptible to authority -- that of God, whom I believe is pulling me in the direction I am heading. Additionally, the Jewish community here is wonderfully kind. Calling it a cult, though, is absolutely ridiculous.
In other news, I tried to call Rabbi Adan already this morning, but he was in a staff meeting. I am going to try again at 1.


Anonymous said...

If you are unable to find any shirts that cover your collar bone you could use a scarf instead. I am almost completely tznius myself. My problem is that I can not find a night gown that covers all the areas that needs to be covered. The transition from pants to skirt or short sleeve to long sleeve can be quite difficult. If your experience ends up being anything like mine you will find that you would rather were skirts over pants most days. I still have my days were I want to wear pants, but I just put on the skirt and the desire leaves my mind. I have a feeling when summer rolls around I am going to be struggling with tznius. Good luck in your endeavor of going completely tznius. Remember to keep on doing what you are doing by taking small steps and having set goals for yourself. Most importantly don't be too hard on yourself if you regress.

To be decided said...

Do you need your nightgown to be tznius? I mean, from what I know, I can wear whatever I want when I am alone, so the nightgown doesn't matter so much. Also, I know many females in this community have Shabbos Robes, which are high necked long sleeved fancy robes that zip. I am not sure where you can buy them, but perhaps you could look into that.