Friday, February 9, 2007

Friday Morning

I called Rabbi Adan yesterday. Well, actually, I called his secretary because I figured she would be less intimidating than the Rabbi. I told her that I was calling because I had turned in my application and had been told to call back in about a week. She told me that they had received my application and she asked if I was supposed to be meeting with the Rabbi or with the panel. Now, I recently learned that before I am allowed to become an official candidate for conversion, I have to be accepted by the Beis Din. Before, I thought I saw the Beis Din only immediately before conversion, but now I know I will be seeing them at least twice. The Beis Din, for those who do not know, is a group of three Rabbis who have reached a specific level of ordination, have accepted all 613 mitzvahs and are Shomer Shabbos (follow the rules of Shabbos). I really did not know the answer to the secretary's question, although I know that I am nervous to meet the Beis Din.
The Rabbi is intimidating, but I have had Shabbos lunch at his house and have spoken with him enough that I am not too scared of meeting with him. The secretary suggested that she put me through to Rabbi Adan's voice mail so I could ask him what he wanted and give him an opportunity to call me back. So, I left him a voice mail saying that I was unsure of what I should do next and I would like him to call me to let me know. He didn't call me back yesterday and I am certain he is preparing for Shabbos today, so I am going to wait until Monday to call. It's difficult because I have been told that you have to stay on the Rabbi with matters of conversion, but I do not want to be pushy. Reaching the balance should be interesting.
In other news, today I am eating at CG's house. It's her birthday and I am so looking forward to it. She and her husband are young, fun and very accepting and I feel that I am most comfortable there. I think they have a wonderful balance of learning and relaxing so it never feels stuffy or awkward. I am going with my friend who is converting Conservative. I am hoping that some of what I believe to be misconceptions of hers will change as she sees an Orthodox home with both people working together seamlessly. Now I am going to prepare for Shabbos. I am excited and looking forward to the best part of my week.

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