Thursday, May 22, 2008

No Knees

Well, school is out. I wrote three research papers and I have one more to do, but I have an extension. I need to finish soon, but I have still been crazy busy. I started my new job last week and I love it. I have an entire wall that is a window and I love the sunshine!
I keep making progress and then hitting walls with my attempts to learn in Israel next year. First, it seemed that the school wasn't going to let me take a year off. However, after a week of feeling sad, I received an e-mail from the Dean of Students who said that he was going to ignore his misgivings and just let me go. Yay!
Then, I had a hard time contacting my Rabbi. After a while, I just set up a face to face meeting, where he asked me what was needed in the letter the seminary requested. I didn't know, but soon I found out. The letter has to state my mikvah date. What a daunting request! I can't imagine that the Beis Din actually knows. I feel so in the dark about where I am in this process and the end feels so far away.

Good news, though. Maddy, with whom I learn Parsha, had a baby boy. Nadia, with whom I learn the laws of Kashrus and The Books of Our Heritage, got engaged. Both of them kept secrets really well, though. Nadia didn't even indicate that she was dating, despite several very pointed questions I had asked her (I was just curious in general, but a weaker person would have confessed). Maddy named her son my favorite name, but managed to never say a thing when I had gone on and on about how I loved the name.

Oh, and, I found workout skirts that are actually tznius! I'm excited.