Saturday, February 2, 2008


Ok, so, I know I have not said anything about last week. I've been really busy and have wanted to tell everything. I'm sleepy now, though, so let me make this kinda quick:

Monday: in the morning, I meet with Jane who had offered to learn with me. We talked about prayer and Hebrew. She loaned me a Hebrew reading book and a children's siddur. Later that day, I get an email from Rabi Dan, offering to set up a meeting. A few emails later, I have a plan to meet him on Wednesday at 1:30.

Tuesday: I set up a meeting time for Wednesday at 10:00 with Karen, a local woman who converted elsewhere and whose husband converted here. I also confirmed my meeting with Jane for Wednesday at 12:30 to learn The World of Prayer. So, my schedule will be tight. I stay up all night working on my jewfolio and end up printing it at kinkos via the internet.

Wednesday: I wake up at 8, having gone to sleep at 6:30, drive to kinkos, pick up the Jewfolio stuffing, punch holes in it, form 2 copies. I drive to Karen's and run through all of my questions. It made me feel much calmer and helped me relax and was comforting to know someone who reached the end of this process. I leave there, drive to meet Jane, talk to her about The World of Prayer. She's excited to learn, and we decide to read through the first chapter and meet next Wednesday. I show her my Jewfolio, she says it's good and we talk about my nervousness and she wishes me luck. Then, I go to Rabbi Dan/ I am so nervous and stumble over my words at first. Thankfully, all my questions are written and I have my Jewfolio. I mentioned it, planning on just leaving it with him. He decides he wants to look at it first. So, he looks at it, and seems to like it. He asks me some questions, wanting to know if I know what's in it (most, but not all, I say. It is, after all, my notes to help me study). He is amused that chullent made my vocab list and asks me what Mohel means (I tell him, but think this is an easy question). I leave pleased at what he has told me (I'm on the right track, I can learn, Israel next school year is not an impossibility although he does not control the pace, etc.). Yay!

Shabbos Kiddush: Adara informs me that she saw the Jewfolio and that Rabbi Dan was super impressed, saying that it's something he would you to help teach converts. I'm way excited. Rabbi Adan, the BIG rabbi, tells me that he saw my work and was impressed. I almost squeeled but managed a pretty calm thank you (I hope!). It made me feel so great. I am guessing happiness will be in ebbs and flows, but I'm enjoying it today!

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