Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Danger, Will Robinson!

So, I watched a few episodes of The Jewish Americans, which I found to be informative and thought provoking. Hoping to find other shows, I had set my DVR to record shows with the word "Jew." I chose Jew so it would include Jewish, Jews, and Jew. However, apparently, that also includes jewelry, which explains the 73 infomercials I just had to delete from my DVR. Oops.

Also, last night around 9:00 P.M., a friend messaged me to tell me that her neighbor had just been robbed at gunpoint right outside her apartment. Two weeks ago, two men were robbed at gunpoint while studying inside one of the smaller shuls in the area. Apparently, there were four armed robberies before that one. I'm afraid of what I'm going to do on Shabbos. I could stay with other people, but I do not want to have to do that forever (or even until I go to Israel). I eat out every Shabbos, but I do not think it would be reasonable to expect someone to go so far out of their way to walk me home every week. I've asked Rabbi Dan if maybe a group could be formed to walk this way every Shabbos, but I am not sure how the logistics of that would work. I suppose we'll see.

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