Monday, February 4, 2008

I read about the bombings today in Dimona. I talked about why I want to convert last night. I spent all day trying to learn. I read some writings by Norman Lamm, listened to some shirs by various Rabbis and got a call inviting me to monday night learning. Then I got a letter from an old friend who was born Jewish but is...bitter. She wrote about how I'm getting sucked in and how I should run away. She hopes I'm in a phase because she likes the old me and doesn't want me to become a "brain washed drone." It makes me so sad. All of the dislike people feel. There's so much to know and there is so much beauty. Any need I have can be fulfilled by Hashem and it makes me so sad that other people don't understand.

I Met a Seer

I met a seer.
He held in his hands
The book of wisdom.
"Sir," I addressed him,
"Let me read."
"Child -- " he began.
"Sir," I said,
"Think not that I am a child,
For already I know much
Of that which you hold.
Aye, much."

He smiled.
Then he opened the book
And held it before me. --
Strange that I should have grown so suddenly blind.
~Stephen Crane

Ditto to Stephen Crane.

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Muslims Against Sharia said...

Muslims Against Sharia condemn the murderers responsible for the homicide bombing in Dimona as well as degenerate perpetuation of the culture of death in Gaza.

Our prayers are with the victims of this atrocity. We send our condolences to their loved ones.

May the homicide bomber rot in hell for eternity. May his accomplices and animals who celebrated this horrendous act join him soon!