Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So, last night Baker went with me to talk to Rabbi Haines. I think it helped because I know that at least one Rabbi is willing to help me. He advised me to be more assertive and to be very clear about what I want. He looked at my "syllabus" and suggested that I ask for clarification on some issues and construct a plan for Rabbi Dan to review and approve or change as necessary. He also suggested that I meet with Rabbi Dan every two weeks or so, and stop all of this calling and emailing. There was more advice, but I think that's the general gist. So, with the help of Baker, I have constructed the following plan:

1. Make a "Resume": In a page, give a brief overview of who I am, what I have done so far, and what my objectives are.

2. Make an Outline: List all of the books I have read, what I have learned, how I have changed my life, etc. This will probably be a supplement to the resume as it will be a rough sketch in order for me to prepare my Jewfolio.

3. Make a "Jewfolio": Using my outline, write clear summaries of all of the books I have read in order to show that I have read them. Using the Syllabus given to me by Rabbi Dan, list the aspects I have already learned. Describe the areas, and give clear examples to show my knowledge. Elaborate on any life changes I have made, including how my decisions have effected my family, friends, etc. This will include the Resume and Outline. Make this into a neat, presentable binder.

4. Make a list of all Rabbis and community leaders I know. Using this list, send an e-mail to each one, communicating who I am and asking for any help. I plan to attach my resume and possibly the Outline to each e-mail so that my sincerity can be seen.

5. Meet with Rabbi Dan. Show him my Jewfolio, and leave a copy with him. Discuss the list I have made and my plan. Ask about what an RC tutor is (appears on the Syllabus) and how I am supposed to obtain one. Ask him to review the Jewfolio and schedule a meeting soon after to discuss what I still need to read/learn in more detail.

6. E-mail the Rabbis and community leaders and see what responses I receive. Even if I do not hear back, at least they will know who I am and be aware that I am working.

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