Sunday, January 13, 2008

Cast of Characters

Rabbi Dan -- the Rabbi who is in charge of my conversion. He is the assistant Rabbi of the shul.

Rabbi Adan -- the Rabbi who is the lead Rabbi of the shul. I really admire him as a religious anleader and as a person. He's wise, interesting, learned, and connected to the world in a way that allows him to have insight to many people.

Adara -- a very nice, young, married woman in the community who does college level outreach. She often has large Shabbos dinners. My first Shabbos dinner was at her house. I like her a lot, but often feel that the feeling is not mutual. This is most likely because I am illogical.

Mr. Adara -- Adara's husband. He is doing his residency and often talks about the evil lawyers.

Baker -- The first Jewish person I ever met back in 8th grade. He's a good friend, although we argue a lot. He helps when I need it, and frustrates me often.

Cala -- My frum from birth friend. She and I clicked quickly, and although we are from different places, we are both going through the same process of trying to figure out who we are.

Gemma -- A friend from law school who converted conservative and is considering converting Orthodox. I see her as my foil because where I'm emotional, she's logical. But, she's a bit nutty at the same time, which makes her so much fun.

Edgar -- Baker's friend from college and a friend of mine from law school. He's currently in Yeshiva in Israel, which is a big change from the path he was on a couple of years ago. I see him as Edgar's foil.

All of these names are pseudonyms found by random in a baby name generator. I tried to chose those that were unfamiliar, yet not too weird sounding.

I'll update/edit as necessary.

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