Thursday, June 26, 2008

Learning, Learning, Learning

Gracious, I have been busy. Every night, I learn with someone else. I'm so grateful that when it rains it pours. On Monday, I learn Kashrus; Tuesday, I learn the Books of Our Heritage; Wednesday, I attend a class taught by RF on Kashrus and then I learn about davening; on Thursday, I practice reading Hebrew with a friend; on Saturday, I relate everything I've learned about the Pasha to Maddy; on Sunday I learn the Laws of Brachos and the Laws of the Shabbos Kitchen. It's a lot in addition to the two jobs I am still working and the fact that I still have a paper to complete.
Also, the girl with whom I learn Kashrus is engaged and will be married in six weeks. She's moving to Isreal and will support him while he learns in Kollel. When he was here for the Vort (which is Yiddish for "speech" and is basically an engagement party where someone gives a speech), he didn't meet any of my chavrusa's friends (all female) and I wasn't allowed to meet him. He looked really friendly, though, and my chavrusa has a beautiful ring. Additionally, my good friend Baker proposed to my other good friend Petunia. I'm so excited for both of them and am immensely pleased that they are so happy with each other. Their wedding is not until December. My best friend from college is getting married on August 16, which is Shabbos. I have been a bridesmaid since the wedding was scheduled, back in the Fall of 2005. I have a tznius dress (well, altered to be so), and thankfully the wedding is located such that I can daven, have meals, and walk to the wedding all on Shabbos. I really need to work out the details with my LOR (local Orthodox Rabbi), though.

Last month was pretty busy with a lot of personal stuff that has been taken care of, I think. This month, my goal is to climb on top of this overwhelming pile of obligations. We'll see what happens. I know I am supposed to be meeting with the Beis Din sometime soon, although I don't know what soon is. I'll keep everything posted.

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